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    Default Marine Biologist

    One of my daughters loves animals and science and she said she wants to become a marine biologist. What kind of schooling and training is involved and what could she do as a marine biologist?

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    I was going through your post , you want to know about Marine Biologists. Marine biology is the field of knowledge relating to marine organisms. I found two sites where the details are mentioned ,if wish you could take some help: SO YOU'D LIKE TO BE A MARINE BIOLOGIST and Becoming a Marine Biologist

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    Hi Elaine

    Your daughter can opt to get a marine biology course directly, or if she wants a more holistic view of the field, she can take a Biology course first then specialize in Marine biology for her postgrad. This path is long, arduous and expensive though. Also make sure that if she's taking up Biology first, to do so in a school with sufficient expertise in Marine Biology and Oceanography so she can meet the experts in the field. Encourage her to apply for internships and research assistant jobs under her professors, believe me, she'll learn way more from that than from inside the four walls of the classroom. Marine Biology is all about research, teaching and if she's interested, conservation. Jobs at labs, schools, research institutions and government units are all open to someone with a degree in Marine Biology. Hope this was helpful and that your daughter fulfils her dream.
    Who knows, I might get to work with her someday.

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    This is a harder question to answer than you may imagine! Marine biology is the field of knowledge relating to marine organisms. But what is a marine biologist? To many, it means being a dolphin trainer but to others it means managing a marine wildlife sanctuary. There are many answers to this question and I would say that a marine biologist is someone who works in some way in studying, observing, protecting, or managing marine organisms, be they microbe, plant or animal. If you study marine fish populations you are a marine biologist. If you manage a marine wildlife preserve and are concerned with protection of marine organisms there, then you too are a marine biologist. You know you're a marine biologist if you have a notebook or computer that you record information often about marine organisms. But you may also be a marine biologist if you are collecting sponges, looking for bioactive drugs. You may be counting them, doing DNA sequencing of them, observing them in the laboratory or making theoretical models predicting their abundance once fishing is decreased. So marine biologists do many things, but what they have in common is working with marine organisms.

    I Want to Train Dolphins and Whales

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