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    Smile Choosing an Allied Health Career

    Hello everyone,

    I hope you are having a good day. I have registered with this forum because it looked like a knowledgeable and promising place to post my question about which allied health care career I would be best off pursuing. Thank you for checking out my thread and thank you so much for any input!

    I am a 25-year-old college graduate. I received my BA in Psychology, have completed basic science prerequisites (Bio, Chem, etc), and am looking into allied health careers. My initial career plan and childhood aspiration was to become a physician, or secondarily into nursing, but I have since realized that I am not very interested in diseases and am more interested in personal wellbeing and interacting with patients 1-on-1.

    In college I considered becoming a psychotherapist, but I tend to be an emotional "sponge" and have a hard time directly dealing with people's strong emotions constantly. Given this plus my interest in medicine, I thought allied health would be right up my... well... alley. I also interned as a school counselor, as well, but found it to be rife with "political" issues and going back and forth with administration too much to sustain my interest. Finally, I volunteered briefly in equine therapy (recreation therapy with horses), which I very much enjoyed. As a result of these experiences, I concluded that allied health could be a very good fit.

    As for my personality and skills, I think I am primarily influenced by my compassion. I really enjoy helping others. I am warm, accepting, curious, and project-oriented. I enjoy using my knowledge to help others. I have a good grasp of the sciences and I have some artistic/fine motor skills but my real love and my talent is in interacting with people and making them feel empowered.

    In terms of realistic job environment, I like to be around people and I enjoy interacting with a variety of people. My significant other is a teacher so I prefer a Monday-Friday, 40-hour, nights and weekends off conventional schedule (though I would be fine with rotating weekends).

    I was hoping you all might be able to help direct me towards the best allied healthcare career for me given these parameters. I was thinking about physical therapy, which seems like it might be a great fit. I have also considered Speech-Language Pathology, but I am very bad at auditory learning.

    Thank you for any suggestions and advice!

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    Physical therapy is a great place to start working under. PT's earn good money and don't have as demanding of a job as other doctors. I think you should focus on local areas. Check out places like schools, chiropractic offices, and so on.
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