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    Default Reputation Power And Reputation Levels

    What Exactly Is This "Reputation?"

    User Reputation's basis comes from the opinions of all the forum members that choose to take part in it.

    All the Full Members of this forum can give reputation points to each other for any post they have found helpful or interesting. Reputations are a good way to give acknowledgement, say thank you or give feedback to members who have taken time to help other members, share their knowledge, do the research and contribute to the forum. This also provides a way of rating other forum members based on the quality of their posts. Although the reputation system has its obvious benefits, it should not be taken too seriously as most of all it is set up for recreational purposes.

    If you do not wish to take part in reputation system you can hide your reputation level form other forum users. To do this, go to your user control panel then click on, 'Edit Options' from the panel on the left and then uncheck the checkbox titled, "Show my reputation level" and save the settings. This action is also reversible.

    Reputation Power And Reputation Levels

    Reputation Level - It shows your level of reputation. Higher the number the more reputable is the member. Anybody who would register and become a member of this forum will automatically receive reputation level 10.

    Reputation Power - It shows how many reputation points you can give to another member. When you become a Full Member (10 or more posts) your reputation power will be 1. That means if you decide to give reputation to another member their reputation level will increase by one point.

    How Can I Give Reputation?

    You can give out reputation to other members simply by clicking on the reputation button that is on top of each post on the right-hand side. The button looks like this: You must be Full Member to have a reputation giving power. You must be logged in to give reputation.

    Read more about Member Levels And Permissions.

    Receiving A Reputation

    If you receive a reputation point from another member you can see that in your user control panel as 'Latest Reputation Received'. You can also see your total reputation level.

    Members with top reputation levels are also displayed on forum homepage in 'What’s Going On' section.

    How To Increase Your Reputation Power?

    As a Full Member, you start out with reputation power - 1 point. Your reputation power will increase by one point each time one of the following conditions are met:

    • For each full year, you have been a member of this forum.
    • For each thousand post, you make.
    • For each thousand reputation points, you receive.

    For Example: If you have been a member of this forum for a one year and you have made a thousand posts and you have received thousand reputation points from other members then your total reputation powers is 4, so each time you decide to give another member a reputation their reputation level will increase by 4 points.

    How To Leave Negative Reputations?

    As a Full Member, you can only leave positive reputations. Once you have become an Expert (member with 100 or more posts and reputation level 1000 or more) only then you will be able to leave negative reputations.

    For example, let's say that you have become an Expert and your current reputation power is 4, so each time you decide to leave negative reputation to somebody then their reputation level will decrease by 4 points.

    Administrators And Moderators Reputation Powers.

    Administrators and moderators can leave positive and negative reputations at all times.

    Administrators and moderators reputation power are 10 which means that each time they give a reputation then your reputation level will increase or decrease by 10 points depending on whether it was positive or negative reputation.

    Is There A Limit Of Reputations I Can Give Out?

    Yes. You can only give out no more than 20 reputation clicks per each 24 hour period. You can give a reputation point to the same user only after you have given reputation to 10 other users. For example: If you have given 'Member-1' a reputation, you must give 10 other members reputation before you can give reputation to Member-1 again.

    If you have any comments or questions about ‘Reputations’ please post it here.
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