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    Default Courier Van Insurance

    As a self employed courier do I need some special insurance for couriers or I can just use my regular van insurance to do courier work as well?

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    If you have a small van and you only deliver letters and small parcels you are better off having just a regular van insurance. My brother, when he was working as a self employed courier driver he got quote from insurance company for his 5 year old Ford Transit van and the insurance quote was almost 5k a year, it was actually more that he paid for the van itself.

    If you have a large van you will probably need proper courier insurance as you might deliver some items that might be high in value, like boxes of spirits or some expensive tiles or stereo equipment and so on so you need to be covered if you are in accident or something happens but as I said for a small van you are better of having a regular insurance. There might be some companies that want to see your insurance documents before they give you any subcontract work but other than that there is no point to pay those ridiculous insurance prices.

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    Whether you have a small van or a big van for your courier job you do need to have a proper courier insurance that is called insurance for hire and reward. Doing courier work wit regular car insurance does not actually cover you in the case of any accident. To work legally and without worrying I suggest you get the proper courier insurance. I do not think it is much more expensive anyway than the regular full comprehensive car insurance. - How To Become HVAC Certified

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    If you’re shopping around for courier insurance, Tony’s Guide can help.

    We’ve done some research for you, and below are a selection of providers. They all provide insurance cover for driving while acting as a courier, and Goods in Transit insurance, and Public Liability Insurance.

    It’s well worth getting a quote from all of them, as each one takes a slightly different look at any particular insurance risk.

    They are all providers of insurance to couriers on, so their prices are competitive.

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