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This Course is designed for:
Marketing professionals, corporate executives, marketing managers, advertising managers, product managers, sales personnel, and others who are involved in marketing at all levels of the organisation.

– Understand the nature and concept of marketing in a competitive environment.
– Comprehend the process of planning for marketing activities.
– Apply the methods used in assessing market opportunities.
– Build up information necessary for implementing successful marketing strategies.
– Identify the implications of the 4Ps in marketing.

Course Outline

Day 1

Comprehend Marketing Management

– Marketing Definition.
– The goals of Marketing.
– Important Marketing Concepts.

Day 2

The Process of Strategic Planning in Marketing

– The Marketing Environment.
– Objectives and Goals.
– Marketing Audit.
– Strategic Alternatives (SWOT, TOWS).
– Fitting Strategies with the Overall Marketing Plan.

Market Segmentation

– Market Segmentation Definition.
– The Benefits of Market Segmentation.
– Steps in Market Segmentation.
– Market Targeting and Product Positioning.

Day 3

Marketing Communications in Depth

– Communication Definition.
– Kinds of Promotional Objectives.
– Steps in Creating an Advertising Campaign.
– Advantages and Disadvantages of Various MARCOMS Types.
– Evaluating Promotional Campaigns.

Day 4

Total Product Concept

– The Product Life Cycle (PLC) Concept
– Introduction Stage
– Growth Stage
– Maturity Stage
– Decline Stage
– Marketing Strategies and Objectives Across the PLC

Day 5

Building a Competitive Advantage

– Superior Product or Service.
– Superior Assets.
– Low-Cost Operator.
– Innovation.
– Global Skills.
– Scales Advantages.
– Attitude.
– Superior Relationships.
– Risk Management.
– Vision.
– Sustaining Competitive Advantage.

Course Provider London Premier Centre
Course Fee 3900 GBP
Course Delivery Face to face
Course Duration One Week
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