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Both companies and individuals today are mainly seeking leadership and soft skills training. At LBTC, we provide leadership and soft skill training to help you fill in the gaps, ensuing in a more effe

A unique course of interactive and participatory learning to build your confidence as facilitator or workshop leader. Our fantastic new two day course brings you all the benefits of the one day course

A vital skill for professionals looking to accelerate their career in any field is the ability to progress from being a manager to an influential leader. Executive presence is the term used to describ

Three major companies are already facing a record breaking fine from the ICO after a data breach, which hasn’t only come at a financial cost, but also a reputational one. This Identifying, Preventin

Effective coaching and mentoring ensures individuals achieve their full potential. Coaching tends to be short term to improve the individual’s performance and mentoring tends to be longer term to de

With nearly half of the world’s population using social media networks, a vast range of platforms offer valuable marketing and engagement opportunities. It helps businesses send their brand’s mess