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A CRM course is the strategy that leverages advanced technologies to cut to the 21st-century business chase. Sales and marketing directors, managers, executives, practitioners and staff undertake this

Training for corporate social responsibility courses helps you understand what companies want from CSR, the reporting schemes, managing the stakeholders and their engagement, etc. These courses are ta

Corporate governance training courses focus on agendas like theoretical aspects of corporate governance, development of Corporate Governance Codes, and the role of institutional investors in CG. Heads
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This 20 day course is the ideal first step for those looking to become a professional dog groomer, with hands on training from experienced professionals who have done it all in the industry. The Groom

LBTC’s corporate governance training courses are inspired by the latest research and benchmarks set by the world’s best boards. Upon completion of this course, you will be able to understand an ov

This training course discusses cognitive theories which relate to autism and how people who are on the autism spectrum may need support and adjustment in methods of communication and in preparing for