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The new course gives an professional and academic approach in study of operational marketing of tourism experiences. *Self-study & research.

About this event
The certificate cost an additional fee of £25.00 paid by bank transfer only. Invoiced upon course completion.


This new qualification delivered by the Central University of Business and Economies (CUBE) in partnership with People Funding Planes, gives both a professional and academic approach in studying the operational aspects when marketing tourism experiences.


No entry requirements

It is advisable that learners must have a minimum FdA degree or equivalent in either tourism or marketing but a full degree in either subject may be more appropriate. It is essential that the learner has a good insight into marketing theory and systems.

Study Scope

This Course is designed for those looking to study, research or implement Experiential Marketing in Tourism, at a medium to senior management level further. It is an introductory course in format but allows the learner to study in more depth according to their interest area. The course is equal to a module on a first year undergraduate level programme.

The course is delivered over a 6 week period, completing a self-contained module every 2 weeks. Each module consists of:

– A 45 – 60 Minute Lecture.

– Approximately 8 hours independent reading and research over 6 working days.

– Approximately 4 hours assignment writing over 3 working days.

Learners are expected to study independently, although resources are supplied.


Module 1 – Tourists and the Public’s Experiences Desires

Learning Objective

To understand and evaluate experience theories that influences the marketing of tourism experience.

Assignment – Written Essay / Report-Style

Module 2 – Implementing the Tourism Experience

Learning Objective

To use service and operations theory to implement a tourism experience that allows marketers to sell and resell that experience through meeting tourists’ needs and desires’.

Assignment – Pitch Presentation

Module 3 – Managing Tourism Experiences Continuously

Learning Objective

To understand how strategic and strategic decisions made by or imposed on marketers can affect the ability to meet tourists’ needs and desires through experience encounters.

Assignment – Case Study Question with further research required


Assignments must by submitted by 12 noon either: on the day of the next module lecture or 10 working days after the last module lecture. LATE ASSIGNMENTS MAY BE ONLY GIVEN A PASS MARK OR FAILED. It is the learner responsibility to submit assignments of their own work on time that do not breach plagiarism rules and standards.

Marks / Grades

1 to 48% FAIL – Does not answer the assignment question at a Level 4 standard. Lack of research / referencing. Risk of Plagiarism may have occurred.

49 to 67% PASS – Has answer the assignment question at a Level 4 standard. Poor of research / referencing. More research / wider reading required.

68 – 84% MERIT – Has answer the assignment question at a Level 4 standard with good subject knowledge. Reasonable research / referencing. More examples / wider reading required.

85 – 100% DISCINTION – Has answer the assignment question at a Level 4 standard with excellent subject knowledge. In-depth research / referencing. More examples / wider reading required.

All grades are the markers decision based on academic / subject knowledge judgement. NO REFUNDS ARE GIVEN TO LEARNERS WHO COMPLETE THE COURSE WHATEVER THEIR FINAL GRADE IS.

The overall grade is an average of all passed assignment grades.

Reference Guide in APA Style

Registering with easy learn – the online learning platform.


Upon enrolment and a clear payment, you will receive by letter or email an Access Code. Enter this on the STUDENTS: ENTER ACCESS CODE and follow the instructions on the screen.

Please contact your tutor if you cannot access the platform. Their contact details will be on the enrolment letter or email.

Course Provider People Funding Planes
Course Fee £36.00 plus an optional £25.00 certificate fee.
Course Delivery Online, 3 Module Lectures, Independent Study, 3 Assignments
Course Duration 6 Weeks
Website Link Training Providers Website
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