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This Training Guide is for anyone contemplating on how to become a translator, or for existing translators that need a concise crash course in their profession.

It explores the realm of translation, the benefits and working conditions, the types of translation work and tools available. It gets down to details regarding the tools a translator uses every day, providing information not only from the translator’s perspective but also from the viewpoint of the translation engineer and translation project manager. It provides a hands-on approach to CAT (Computer-Assisted Translation) Tools, on how you can take advantage of them regardless of your CAT Tool of choice.

You will also learn how to successfully run your freelance translation business. You will be presented with “inside” information on how clients (especially translation agencies) choose their translators. You’ll learn how to set up profiting rates and how to find promising clients. You’ll be given ideas for efficient organization of your work process and tips for successful customer relationship management. And, you’ll be shown how to stay away from fraudulent companies too.

Here Are Some Of The Topics Covered In This Guide

  • Why Become A Translator
    Learn about all the unique benefits this career path has in store for you.
  • Types Of Translation Work
    Familiarize yourself with all the kinds of translation work available to you.
  • Software Tools Of The Trade
    Discover the software tools professionals use and learn how to use them.
  • Set Up Your Price-list
    Establish competitive prices that will land you profiting translation jobs.
  • Find Clients & Avoid Scammers
    Uncover those promising clients and always stay clear of fraudsters.
  • Organize Your Workflow
    Learn how to work efficiently with multiple projects without missing a deadline.

Included Only In This Edition

  1. 3 Translation Tools & 3 eBook Formats!
  2. Translation Project Dashboard
  3. Keep all your translation project details in full view and never miss another deadline.
  4. Translation Project Time-Frame Calculator
  5. Find out instantly how much time it will take you to complete a specific translation volume within a given set of dates.
  6. TM Match Matrix Calculator
  7. Decipher those Translation Memory logs and easily calculate the weighted word counts for your projects.
  8. 3 eBook Formats For Reading Anywhere!
  9. Get all three unlocked versions of the guide in PDF, EPUB and Kindle format.

To find out more or purchase this guide please visit training providers website items are available immediately after purchase, as direct downloads.

This training guide is available immediately after purchase, as direct downloads.

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