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It is often said, employees are the most important asset of an organisation. We would go further and say the relationships between those employees are the greatest asset an organisation has!
Why you will choose this programme:
• You care enough about yourself and the people you come into contact with (now and in the future) to fully understand that a collaborative approach is all about relationships.
• You want to learn the attitude, methodology and techniques of NLP in an ethical way that will create enhanced value for you and your other stakeholders
• You want to grow and develop to your full potential and be a role model of excellence to inspire others. You accept that the Interdependence paradigm is ultimately the best way to achieve this.

What you will learn on this programme:
Our Business NLP training is focused on transforming your relationships at work. The dynamics within your team ultimately create the success of your team or stakeholder group. What is your contribution to a healthy high performing team? How do you operate proactively and encourage the same in your colleagues to deliver the level of collaborative performance you desire.
• The foundations and guiding principles of NLP – the ‘How’ of being proactive.
• Mindset – Thoughts, ideas, opinions, intentions, motivations, purpose, vision, values, worldview, and life
philosophy all exist within your personal interior space. Are these 100% helpful to you all the time? You can
change your Mindset.
• Behaviours – Body Language, Verbal and Non- Verbal communication, written communication etc. The actual
process of communication used by an individual. So, this is about building and developing skills and
competencies in the process of collaborative behaviour.
• Resilience – Rather than fight or flight or even ‘freeze’, how do you ‘flow’ with the current of events
happening around you. How do you maintain a proactive state within yourself and assist your colleagues to
build their own resilience?
• Influencing – ‘Leadership is Influence’, says Sir John Whitmore. In order to influence others you must first
learn how to influence yourself.
• Conflict – The art of Collaborative Working is the ability to turn Conflict into a Positive.

Upon successful completion of your business practitioner programme you will receive the much sought after ANLP NLP Practitioner Certificate. This certificate is recognised across the world for the quality, professionalism and ethics of your trainer and your training. This certificate entitles you to Membership of ANLP at Practitioner level, the leading membership body of NLP. You will be able to progress on to our Business NLP Master Practitioner Programme – Leading and Developing a Collaborative Culture.

Course Provider Seek First Ltd
Course Fee £2350 Plus VAT
Course Delivery Classroom & Distance Learning
Course Duration 10 days
Website Link Training Providers Website
Phone Number 7740506667
Country United Kingdom
State/Province England
distance: 591 Miles
Address Fir Tree Crescent, Bowness-on-Windermere, Windermere LA23 3HA
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